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One of the joys of cooking is the aromas foods release while they are cooking. The delicious smells of baking cookies, soup on the stove or turkey in the oven make our mouths water and awakens our appetite. But when food aromas linger, they can turn into cooking odors that are not so pleasant to smell.  The Premie Air Scrubber is by far the best air cleaner at knocking out unwanted cooking odors at a click of a button.


Pet and Smoking Odors

No body loves your animals or smoking as much as you do.  These are the top two smells that friends and relatives complain about when they come to visit you.  One can be bad enough alone but if you have both, they can be highly offensive to people.  Not anymore - not only does The Premie Air Scrubber eliminate them, it gives your home a clean, fresh smell.

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Odors Cause Problems 

A smelly house is unpleasant and almost always unhealthy. When you can’t find and correct the reason for the odor it can affect your health, quality of life. It can devastate your pocket book if you try to sell your home.


Bad odors are almost always Mother Nature’s very firm and insistent warning sign to “stay away”. If you are living in a home that smells bad, the message she is sending is to stay out. If you are looking at a home to purchase, the message is “YUK, don’t buy this house!” 

There are solutions to the indoor air odor problem other than moving into a tent or leaving the windows open all year around.  Whether it is your heating, plumbing, animal control, pesticide application, hot water tanks, cleaning products, furnishings, chemicals, appliances, mold, mildew, musty basement or any other source - The Premie Air Scrubber will knock them out and return your home to a Fresh Spring Day.

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