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My son has multiple issues with allergies.  His tear ducts would not drain and constant eye infections.  We tried everything and then one day I was having a conversation with a guy from Servpro at a jobsite about it and he told me about the Premie.  I called his AC guy.  He came out and put one in.  After two weeks, his tear ducts opened up.  It has now been 7 and my son started getting sick again.  I called the AC guy to come back out.  The catalyst was bad.  He replaced it.  Amazing enough, he is perfectly healthy again.  Only been sick 2 times in 7 years.  He spent 3 days at my sister in law’s and this time with the catalyst.  I will never live without one again.

Sam M. – Sarasota, Fl

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I got an air scrubber installed with my new AC unit.  My husband stopped snoring – coincidence or not?  We also have a home in Florida.  We went down for the winter and would you believe he started snoring again.  We had no idea what caused him to stop.  We came back home in North Carolina and he stopped snoring again.  I then made the connection that the only thing different was that we installed an air scrubber in our North Carolina house.  I then called a contractor in Florida and had him install one there.  We made a special week’s trip just to try it out.  Whooolah – no more snoring.  They do not advertise it to get rid of snoring but it must have done something with his sinuses.  One Happy Customer!!!

Bob and Susan D. – Asheville, NC


I heard about this on the radio.  I have a basement that always stinks.  I hired a contractor to try to get rid of it and that was a waste of money.  I decided to get one because I was tired of dealing with the smell.  I only noticed it when I left the house for a while then came back home.  Truly amazing transformation.  Not only does it not smell musty, it actually smells very fresh.

Jane S. – Topeka, KS


My Father had a triple bypass and he was coming to live with me temporarily.  I had an AC guy come out and look for Mold or anything else that might cause my Father issues.  The technician found Mold in my system – a bunch of it.  He installed a Premie in the ductwork and it was amazing.  It killed the mold in days and also made my house smell good.  It has been several years now and the reason I am writing this review is because at Christmas time, I had 5 relatives that had the Flu and my wife was going to cancel our Christmas get together.  I told her just to have it at our house because with my Premie, not one of us have been sick in over four years.  I live in the bubble boy house.  I love them so much that I bought everyone one for Christmas.  Thanks again Premie.

Larry D. – Knoxville, TN


I am 80 years old and have 32 cats.  My family got to where they would not come over and visit anymore.  My heat went out and I called one of the Big Heating contractors.  They replaced my unit and also installed a Premie Air Scrubber because they said my house smelled like cat urine.  It was expensive but in about 2 weeks, my house smelled new again.  I let my daughter know and now she comes over every day at 3:00 for about an hour.  I not only got clean air, I got my Family back.  Thanks a Million!

Doris N.  – Franklin, KY

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